Travel Services

When you dream of vacation do you imagine…

  • Stifling hot buses that crush centuries-old cobblestone streets while the driver yells so-called “facts” over the loudspeaker?
  • Cookie cutter hotels and resorts that don’t care about local communities, or you, for that matter. From Boston to Bangkok, it’s all the same.
  • Tourist traps filled with overpriced tchotchkes made half-way around the world?
  • Chain restaurants that serve bland copies of local dishes?

Yeah, me neither.

Instead, imagine this…

  • A chef’s villa in the Tuscan countryside and a cooking class using vegetables from the garden and wine from his cousin’s vineyard next door.
  • A lush, locally owned, boutique hotel with amazing views of the harbor, cathedral, or mountains and first-class attention to detail.
  • Dinner at a local joint that serves delicacies straight from the ocean and recipes from Mama’s kitchen.
  • A day full of surprises that might include tickets to a sold-out show, behind the scenes access to a museum or popular attraction, or a local market overflowing with handmade goods from local artists.

I know what you’re thinking…

“That sounds great, but I want more than fancy. MORE THAN ANYTHING, I WANT tIME WITH My FAMILY AND FRiends.”


Look I Get it.

I know you…

  • Run a tight ship. Everyone relies on you for everything, especially when you travel
  • Care about your family and friends. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and connect in a meaningful way.
  • Worry about the planet. Comfort is wonderful, but so is protecting the places you love to visit.
  • Seek out quality. For you, a great experience means more than the sheet thread count or heated bathroom floor (although both are nice).
  • Want everyone to have fun. So you plan, worry, and plan some more to make everything is perfect.

Wish someone else worried about the details, so YOU have fun too?

Do you want a stress-free trip with lots of fun and delightful surprises?

How about a meaningful adventure with those you love? No fuss, no muss, just show up at the airport, get on the plane and go?

If you answered yes, GREAT because I want that too.

Let me create your dream vacation, without any worry on the side. I’ll work my magic, so you and your family and friends have the time of your lives, while spending time together.

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