Instantly find the latest global travel restrictions.

Get up-to-date travel entry regulations based on your country of passport, place of departure, and planned country of entrance, including specific health and safety rules. You’ll find a wealth of helpful resources to stay informed as international travel continues to reopen. 

Other Helpful Links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This recommended first-stop link to the government agency contains links to pages devoted to travel requirements and risks, post-travel practices, travel FAQs, and cruise ship travel. 

CDC’s Covid-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination 

Access a color-coded map linked to threat Levels 1 (low) to 4 (very high) with destination-specific intel on pre-travel requirements, in-country rules, and re-entry requirements. 

CDC’s Cruise Ship Guidance 

View this page to read about the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order, under which cruise lines are currently bound as they prepare to resume cruises. 

International Air Transport Association (IATA) 

This great source shares information about flying globally, transmission risks, and in-flight air quality. Also includes a map of global travel restrictions.  

World Health Organization 

Get travel advice from the global public health institution (please note, this data tends to be very broad). 

Mayo Clinic Coronavirus Travel Advice 

This page shares advice on testing before and after travel, how to travel safely by air or car, what to pack, how to safely inhabit a hotel room, and offers a link to an interactive, color-coded map of U.S. infection rates.