Meet Janine Queenin, Your Travel Planning Wizard

I arrived in London at the tender age of 21 with the ink still wet on my University diploma, a brand new passport in my pocket, and a backpack on my back. It was my first trip abroad, my first trip anywhere, and it changed my life. 

Experiencing the wild commotion of Piccadilly Circus, hoisting my first pint in a centuries-old pub, and getting lost (in a good way!) down ancient alleyways ignited my passion for travel and an insatiable desire to see the world. 

Fast forward a few years, and I’m a mom, planning fun, one-of-a-kind adventures for my family. Each time, I’d spend hours researching extraordinary experiences to make each trip special. When friends and family members heard about our trips, they asked for help planning their own unique adventures. Then it hit me: Why not do this for everyone (or at least anyone who hires me!), and Storied Adventures was born. 

Since then, I’ve worked with tons of amazing clients who, like me, want to experience the real world, not the world through a glass window on a bus. Someone who wants to take a left when everyone else is taking a right, to find themselves singing, eating, and laughing with new friends away from the crowds herded to one spot by online reviews.

My promise to you: You will never again take another cookie-cutter vacation that is the same as everyone else’s. Because I’m here to meticulously plan a vacation fit for you and only you.

I’ve always been a planner. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the go-to person for planning, well, pretty much everything. It’s my superpower and one I’ll use to create a magical, authentic trip just for you.

Are you ready for your next great adventure?

Let’s go, because every good story starts with an adventure!


Five Fast Facts About Janine
Number of countries visited: 29 + counting!
Country visited the most times: Italy (and I’d go again in a heartbeat).
Favorite thing to do while traveling: Eat!
Favorite traveling companions: My husband and two kids.
Favorite splurge while traveling: Art