The importance of working with a travel advisor became apparent when the travel world was thrown into chaos and international borders closed due to COVID-19. I heard story after story of travel advisors performing Herculean feats of cunning, persistence, and skill to help stranded travelers worldwide. Strings were pulled, contacts contacted, and hour after hour (5, 7, 9 hours!) was spent on hold with airlines and suppliers to help a friend of a friend’s daughter/mother/nephew trapped overseas as borders closed and the world shut down. Advisors also assisted each other and, in the true spirit of collaboration over competition, quickly and quietly dove in to help whenever possible.

While many are still not ready to travel, there is hope on the horizon. If you’ve spend some part of the past nine months dreaming about your next trip, this blog post is for you.

You may never have worked with a travel advisor before, but now understand the value of having someone in your corner should things go awry during your trip.

So if you’re curious why someone hires a travel advisor, here are some of the questions I get asked before a client decides to work with me. So, if you’re not super clear on what, exactly, I can do for you and your family, read on.

Chances are, one or two of your own questions are answered below:

Q: Why should I work with a travel advisor, when I could just book online?

A: During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when travelers were in crisis worldwide, some online booking sites stopped answering their phones. In other cases, customers sat on hold for hours only to be told to fend for themselves. I work with clients for months to plan their trip, so they know me, and they know I’m available and ready to help when a need arises.

Luckily, most of the time, our vacations go smoothly.  So, in addition to dealing with a crisis, a good travel advisor makes things east for you. Instead of sifting through a million open tabs and staying up late to do your trip research—you can hand it all off to an advisor to do the research for you. Plus, you can trust the recommendations and research that comes from a good travel advisor. We have strong relationships with our travel suppliers (i.e. the tour companies and properties we work with)—so you can trust that wherever you end up, your trip has been vetted. 

Q: Why should I work with YOU specifically?

A: Good question 😉 Because as a celebration vacation and multigenerational travel specialist, I can help you navigate all the questions that come up when planning a big trip.

Plus, I take a personal, consultative approach to your travels. Everything I suggest will be tailored to your unique needs, ages of participants, budget, and—of course—travel style. When you work with me, you can bet that your trip will look like no one else’s. 

Q: What destinations do you plan trips to?

A: I don’t specialize in a single destination (though Europe has a special place in my heart!). Instead, I specialize in a type of travel—travel that brings out the extraordinary.  I’ll help you check things off your “heck yeah!” travel list to celebrate life and all it has to offer.

So instead of sending you to a resort that was last renovated in 1982, or a theme park packed to the gills, we might plan: an expedition cruise to the Arctic, a villa stay with hands-on cooking classes in Tuscany, a chauffeur-driven tour through Ireland, or a zip line adventure through the jungles of Costa Rica. 

No matter where you go, you can bet on an experience that leaves you saying, “wow.”

Q: What does working with you look like?

A: Because I take a personalized approach, I like to kick things off with a complimentary consultation call. That way, we can chat more about what you’re looking for—and what the big “goal” is for your family adventure.

Then, I’ll put together one or two high-level itineraries for you, which we’ll refine together. Next, I’ll take care of all the travel bookings—for everyone in your group! You can expect clear communication, too, so everyone is kept in the loop (and so you’re not constantly peppered with questions—they can ask me directly!).

The result? A no fuss, no muss planning process, one that means all you have to do is show up to the airport and have fun!

Q: Sounds awesome! What’s the next step? 

Let’s set up your complimentary consultation call! Just click here to let me know you’re interested in chatting, and I’ll arrange it for you. l Ad