A leap of faith.

Some things in life require a leap of faith, like getting married, having kids, or starting a business. You plan and prep, organize and agonize, and then you leap (and keep working).

Travel is also a leap of faith, one that requires trust in yourself and the world around you.

You trust that when you step onto the plane, everything will go as planned and you’ll arrive back home safely. You believe that most people are good and willing to help a traveler in need. You hope for the best and try not to stress out while having fun with your family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone helped you plan, prep, and organize your adventure? Someone who makes that leap of faith a little bit easier?

It’s a big, amazing world out there, one worth seeing, with endless adventures waiting just for you. Now more than ever, travelers need expert advice and guidance to wade through the good, bad, and ugly of travel information available on the internet. An advocate who has your back, someone to turn to in good times and bad, and someone to catch you if that leap turns into a fall.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

Here are seven reasons why you should use a travel advisor for your next trip.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Book Online

With apologies to Mark Twain, reports on the demise of travel advisors have been grossly exaggerated. Today, more and more people look to travel professionals to help plan vacations.


Well, I’m glad you asked. A good travel advisor is like a good plumber, electrician, or mechanic. You don’t appreciate how much you need them until you need them.

Travel is often the largest discretionary spending for a family in any given year. Travel advisors provide the best value for your vacation dollar while ensuring the best possible experience.

Personal Service

Not every trip is right for every family. A deal isn’t a deal if everyone is miserable, your hotel room overlooks the dumpster, or your tour guide leaves you stranded at the airport. Travel advisors work hard to understand what makes a perfect vacation for each client and then finds the right adventure for your family. Not the other way around.

Free Advice

It’s right in the name. Travel advisors will give you advice and tell you the truth about your plans. Did your cousin say you only need 30-minutes to change planes at London’s Heathrow airport? Did the nice woman at the supermarket insist that your 80-year-old mother would have no problem walking up to see the Acropolis in Greece? (Maybe she can, I don’t know). Travel advisers will give it to your straight because knowing the truth about how long it takes to change planes in London or how hard it is to walk up to the Acropolis makes a much better vacation.

Save Time and Avoid Headaches

Wouldn’t you rather just show up at the airport with everything planned, rather than wasting your hard-earned free time searching the internet and then blindly booking with your fingers crossed?  Travel advisors plan every aspect of your trip and use personal experience and contacts to ensure the best possible outcome.

Think of a travel advisor as your personal concierge, able to plan complex trips with elaborate itineraries, or organize your group, so everyone arrives happy and ready to have fun.

Added Value

Travel advisors provide a better value for your buck. Details matter and a good travel adviser will secure exclusive perks and VIP treatment, turning a good vacation into an exceptional vacation.

Peace of Mind

In times of crisis (you miss the plane, lose your passport, eat some funky street food), wouldn’t it be nice to call a real person who knows you for help? Travel advisors fix it when things go south, help in emergencies, and arrange alternate plans when necessary.


I love Google and use it several times a day to look up important things, like how to set up a backgammon board and a list of Egyptian hieroglyphs (two recent searches). While all that information is great, when it comes to travel the internet may be too much of a good thing.

With so many options, it’s hard to know what’s best or if reviews are accurate and honest. Travel advisors have information and knowledge not available through online booking sites and insider tips and advice way beyond TripAdvisor.

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you use a travel advisor?

You gotta have faith.