A few weeks ago, I traveled to NYC with friends for a ladies-only weekend. We stayed in Chelsea, ate fantastic food, drank glorious wine, shopped a little, laughed a lot, and even took a Peloton class at the Peloton studio. (I’m sure that one class negated all of the calories we ate.)  In other words, we had fun.

One of the fastest growing travel specialties is the “Girlfriend Getaway,” and it’s easy to understand why.  Everyone is so busy and stressed; we all need time to relax and recharge. Traveling with your partner is great, but there’s something special about getting away with friends who know you well and still love you (and don’t mind if you wear that 10-year-old bathing suit).

Many of us have friends we love but rarely see. Now’s the time to get together (if not now, when?). Why not plan a trip this year with your high school/college/Roller Derby buddies?  Believe me, all you need is a spark of an idea, and your friends will enthusiastically join the adventure.

Below you’ll find some ideas to get you started.

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Let’s go!

Sporty Spice

Run, hike, bike (or spin), surf, snorkel…. options for an active getaway are endless.  Plan a trip around a 10K, Half or full Marathon, golf at an amazing course here or abroad, or scuba dive in the Caribbean.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?

If the above sounds a little too active, consider a wellness weekend at a spa or yoga retreat (although, yoga can be tough too). You’ll come home relaxed with nice skin.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

I’m not a huge shopper. (When I say I’m “going” shopping, I’m talking about the internet, coffee, and my pajamas).  That said, I know A LOT of women who love to shop. Why not combine that love with a weekend in the city (New York, Chicago, Boston, LA)? If full price isn’t your thing, plan a bargain shopping getaway to pop-up markets around the world (they’re everywhere) or visit tried-and-true outlets. 

Bon Appétit 

Plan a trip centered on wine and food with culinary and wine tasting classes. Many of these experience include spa opportunities and time enjoying the outdoors.

The Love Boat and/or Welcome to Fantasy Island

Of course, no list is complete with adding all-inclusive resorts and cruises.  Both were made for women-only getaways with zero heavy lifting regarding planning or decision-making once you arrive. Should you order champagne or some frozen concoction? Will you visit the pool or the beach? Should you snorkel, take Salsa lessons, play beach volleyball, or do nothing at all?

Ahhhh……nothing at all….

Remember, life is short, buy the shoes, drink the wine, take the trip!

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