It’s Fun!
Put aside all of the deep self-improvement, becoming a better person stuff, and travel is supposed to be first and foremost, fun. As an added bonus, you’ll connect with family and friends and make life-long memories.

Travel makes you brave.
How many times have you tried something on vacation that you would NEVER do at home?  How about that time you tried fried ants, slid down a 100-foot waterslide, or talked to Parisians in really bad French.  No Cowardly Lions here, travel makes you bold and willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Travel is good for your health.
No, seriously…studies show traveling lowers stress and blood pressure and helps prevent coronary heart disease.

You’ll learn something new.
Whether you drive 2 hours or fly 20 hours, there is something new to see, someone new to meet, and something fun to experience.

Travel will help you appreciate the beauty of the world – warts and all.
It’s a big,  beautiful, hugely complex world out there. But, it’s ours, let’s explore it.